"Nowadays, people are really hyped by the idea of eating healthy food or the so called green cuisine, may it be for the reason that they really want to be fit or perhaps for the sake of just trying. foodpanda together with some mainstream and social media partners picked three diners and reveled on the goodness of the most underrated of all menus, the healthy diet. First on the list was Juju Eats.

Simple. Delicious. Healthy. We aim to re-define fast food by combining enjoyment and quality, with healthy and light nutrition,” says Kat Azanza, the mind behind the popular green diner. If you’re looking for food that is low on carbs yet heavy on the belly, this is the perfect place for you. Their Panini that was launched early this year is gaining a lot of attention already. “Green cuisine is known to be bland, boring, and dull and we want to challenge that. We want to prove to people that eating healthy could also be fun and a big thanks to foodpanda, promoting a healthier lifestyle is made easier by delivering hearty meals on our customer’s door steps,” exalts the bubbly Kat. Juju Eats also boasts of its complete line up of nutritious meals from pasta, to salads, to rice bowls, and to detoxifying smoothies."

Contributing Editor: Rommel Bulaquina