Over the last  8 years it has been a keen interest of ours to support the small Filipino farms. Between our unpredictable climate, and unsophisticated logistics options, they have a tough, thankless job and we wish to support them with our business as much as we can.

We have worked with farmers all over Luzon: from growers in Tagaytay, to the mountain provinces up north where entire plots are grown and reserved just to supply the growing produce demands of Juju Eats. It is our priority to keep them in business, as much as it is to ensure our steady supply.

This year,  we've got even better news to share - something we're been working on for a while, and super excited to be a part of! Yesterday, we signed our official partnership with the AYALA FOUNDATION, INC (AFI) community development and livelihood program, directly supporting a community of farmers in Calauan, Laguna called Southville7.

Southville7 is a 107 hectare relocation site for families from Marikina displaced by Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana), and the Pasig River Rehabilitation. Owned by the National Housing Authority, the property is home to roughly 4,500 families displaced families who, through the efforts of AFI, have been re-trained as organic farmers to adapt, and thrive in their new home. This co-op of (mostly female!) farmers continue to be trained by TESDA in vegetable production, livestock production, organic fertilizer production, and pest and disease management.

What was once a reluctant group of displaced individuals has grown into a thriving, and sustainable community. It goes without saying, that we at Juju Eats are honoured to be a part this chain of good. Win-win for everyone!

May 23, 2018 | Signing the partnership agreement at the Ayala Foundation Inc. head office.

May 23, 2018 | Signing the partnership agreement at the Ayala Foundation Inc. head office.