Wraps:Panini Box.JPG

Wraps + Panini Box: P3350

Sweet Corn.jpg

Sweet Corn on the Cob P1000
*Serves 10-12

Pasta Cups Box.JPG

Pasta Cups Box P2950
*Canape portion

Juice Box ((12pcs).jpg

Juice Box (12 bottles) : P2500

Pasta Box.JPG

Pasta Platter Box: P2200
*Serves 8-10

Nacho:wrap box.JPG

Wraps + Nacho Box: P2700

Salad Cups Box.JPG

Salad Cups Box P2950
*Canape portion

Burger Skewers.jpg

Burger Skewers P1500 (50pcs)

Better Brownies.jpg

Better Brownie (Gluten-free) P1000
*Serves 10-12

Salad Box.JPG

Salad Platter Box: P2200
*Serves 8-10

Panini Box.JPG

Panini Box: P3350

Red Rice Bibimbap.jpg

Red Rice Bibimbap Cups Box P2500
*Canape portion

Juice:Pudding box.JPG

Chia Pots (12pcs) + Juice (12pcs) P3700

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